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If you want to be in the major leagues, or rise to the top in business, or whatever industry you are in, you have to cockroach it. Some of you laugh and some of you are saying "eww" because of the negative opinion you may have of cockroaches. I understand and completely agree that they are filthy creatures. however, cockroaches are survivors. thus, if you survive you will win. 

Cockroaches have been around for 280 million years. They can survive nukes. Hold their breathe under water for 30 minutes and even live a week without a head. OK I am done with the cockroach facts. The point is that these creatures survive whatever life throws at them. This is what I believe makes a winner. This is the type of person that rises to the top of an industry. This is what I have learned in my 25 years of playing professional baseball. The person that survives will eventually get a chance. If you are out of the game, you cannot get a chance in the game. We all will get a hot streak. We all will shine but it's when times are tough that we need to just survive;just like a cockroach.

Stop thinking of a shortcut and trust the process. The road is very long and it is difficult but I will tell you that when you do reach the top, you will feel overwhelmingly fulfilled. 



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